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Sergej Müller has announced his farewell to WordPress (English translation). For the purpose of keeping his free plugins available for everyone, we have formed a team of volunteers. Our main goal is to preserve the data privacy approach of the plugins and prevent commercial use of related domains.

With a handful of other contributors from the community we will continue 11 of Sergej’s free plugins. These are:

We will — with additional support from the community — provide support in the forums at wordpress.org, as well as coordinate the maintenance and further development of named plugins.

// Thank you!

First and foremost, we’d like to thank Sergej for his immense service to the WordPress community. He has set the bar quite high, and we hope we can, with competent developer support, continue to meet his commitment to quality.

We also thank Sergej for entrusting us with his plugins. In return, we are committing to continue providing these plugins ad-free and free of charge.

// Future

How do we see the future? In one word: continuity.

We have finalized the transfer of both GitHub and wordpress.org repositories. Existing documentation will be maintained in GitHub wikis — in German for now, but we’re planning on English translations (which everyone is welcomed to contribute to, of course).

Regarding maintenance and further development, the idea is that individual developers “adopt” one or more of the plugins in question. At this point, several developers have done so already in order to guarantee punctual compatibility updates for future versions of WordPress. It’s also worth mentioning that at the moment no new features are planned for any of the plugins, but we’ve started collecting occasional feature requests for potential review later on.

// What about…?

As a team of volunteers formed out of the community, our focus is the preservation of free plugins. As users, however, we’re happy to tell that other projects of Sergej have found new homes as well:

// Thanks?

If you would like to thank Sergej, you can find corresponding links on his GitHub page: https://sergejmueller.github.io/ (offline)

// Hope

We hope for your confidence. It is a great pair of footsteps we’re following into. We have accepted the challenge and look forward to continue maintaining Sergej’s free plugins with you and for all of us.


Caspar Hübinger (@glueckpress)

Ralf Wiechers @drivingralle

Stephanie Wiermann (@elbmedien)

Torsten Landsiedel (@ zodiac1978)

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