Happy Hacktober!

As every year, the Hacktoberfest heralds the cool season and brings a motivating challenge for all developers. Anyone who submits at least four pull requests for issues on GitHub from 1 to 31 October will receive a T-shirt.

This year we have prepared our GitHub repositories and added the Hacktoberfest label to some issues. Included are our plugins Antispam Bee, Statify, Cachify, Snitch, Crazy Lazy und Blacklist Updater. In addition to our projects, more than 140 other WordPress related issues are tagged as Hacktoberfest issues.

We are happy about every pull-request, all new ideas and of course also after the Hacktoberfest about active involvement and contributions to our plugins.

The Pluginkollektiv is looking for you!

Hey there, it’s us! 👋🙂

After 420 days we think it’s time for a status update of the Pluginkollektiv. To put it bluntly: we are partly satisfied with our project, and partly not.


In June 2015 we joined forces to keep Sergej Müller’s plugins accessible to the general public and to maintain them further. We’re still just a bunch of people, not an agency or something.

In retrospect, our calculation, that many people together would automatically be able to do what one person did on their own, did not really work out. We had a hard time releasing compatibility updates in time, as everyone was used to from Sergej. We are not proud of that.

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Hello World!

Sergej Müller has announced his farewell to WordPress (English translation). For the purpose of keeping his free plugins available for everyone, we have formed a team of volunteers. Our main goal is to preserve the data privacy approach of the plugins and prevent commercial use of related domains.

With a handful of other contributors from the community we will continue 11 of Sergej’s free plugins. These are:

We will — with additional support from the community — provide support in the forums at wordpress.org, as well as coordinate the maintenance and further development of named plugins.

// Thank you!

First and foremost, we’d like to thank Sergej for his immense service to the WordPress community. He has set the bar quite high, and we hope we can, with competent developer support, continue to meet his commitment to quality.

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