Get involved

All Pluginkolletiv plugins are developed and supported by a passionate group of users and developers from all over Europe. But: no matter where you live or work you can join the Pluginkollektiv and help in our quest of delivering amazing and easy to use software, meeting our users needs. First, let’s get rid of the common myth, that only geeks can contribute to plugins. That’s just not true!

Whatever your skill set, there are lots of ways you can contribute. You’ll get at least as much out of it as you put in, and the more you are involved, the more opportunities come along. Karma rocks!

Be a valued contributor

Our plugins are built from contributions by numerous people and organizations. Our community is extremely diverse, with people from many different backgrounds, with different motivations. These short and friendly guidelines aim to help people to get involved with our community, understand how we work together, and what we expect from each other.


Found a bug? Or want to have a new feature within one of the plugins? If you are a developer switch over to GitHub and do the magic. File an issue or even better a commit to help us to improve your favourite plugin.
Contribute in GitHub


Got an idea what a plugin does, but you feel uncomfortable with a mixed language backend? Go ahead and find the translation status of your favourite plugin and add translate it yourself.
See Details about Translation


Great plugins need great documentation. Not every feature opens up at first glance. If you do enjoy technical writing (in English or German), please contact us, as we are presently refactoring our documentation an bring it to a whole new level


Share your knowledge about your favourite plugin with other, less experienced users. 
See Details about Support

Thank you, community!

We value all contributions and recognize the impact these contributions had on where we are today. The Pluginkollektiv wouldn’t be where it is today without the amazing contributions of many different folks and organisations from all around the world. It is an amazing collaborative effort and we want to thank everyone who has participated so far. Thank you!